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---A Fowl Romance--- Edit

    Author's Note: Hello and thank you for reading one of my ridiculous romances! I'd like to note that this relationship could not have happened after the Time Paradox, but pretend the book was never written in this case. The story takes place five and a half years after The Lost Colony. P.S: I once wrote a romance story and asked my friend's opinion of it and to put it lightly, he thought it was junk! So I'm sorry if you don't like it. Please feel free to offer opinions.

    Minerva Paradizo cried softly in the shambles of her once garden. Her lifelong home was in ruins, thanks to a fateful rockslide that happened the day before. The rockslide happened suddenly, and unfortunately destroyed nearly all of the Paradizo's chateau. Minerva's father was caught in the rockslide and was injured badly, perhaps fatally.  Minerva still hoped he would live, but she knew that her hope was foolish. She had saw the injury. Debris from the rockslide had impaled him below the heart, on the left side.  Her father was right now in a world-renowned hospital in Germany. Minerva's cell phone rang. It was her father's lifelong friend and security chief Juan Soto. Minerva's breath caught in her throat, she was nervous, and rightfully so. She prayed the news wasn't bad. Juan Soto spoke. "Minerva..." he started. This was bad. He always called Minerva Ms. Paradizo, never by her first name. "Yes, Mr. Soto?"  Minerva finally asked. "Oh, Minerva. I am so sorry.. Your father... The doctors said there was nothing they could do for a wound as fatal as it was. They said he will pass away within a day."  Minerva was devastated. The tears rolled freely down her cheeks. She tried to conceal her grief but some showed, nevertheless. After several moments she asked; "Juan... Is my father... Is my father awake...?" Soto replied. "No. He is sleeping and has been for a while. He lost a lot of blood, Minerva. He may not wake for a while.." This did not help Minerva whatsoever. Although, admittedly, Minerva sometimes wished for a different father. But her father was her father, and she loved him. "Juan. If he does wake, Please tell him that I'm sorry for everything I've ever done to him and that I'll always love him..." This couldn't be happening, but it was. "Minerva, I've seen the chateau. It is in ruins. If you need somewhere to stay, feel free to ask." said Juan. Minerva thought. There was one other option... It may not work though. But she could try. "Very well, Mr. Soto. But I think I may have one other option. If that fails, I will certainly accept your offer of shelter." responded Minerva. "Very well" said Soto.

Artemis Fowl the Second was in the middle of checking his bank funds when his cell phone rang. Only three people knew his number. Those people were Butler, Holly, and Minerva. Butler was in the manor making a lunch right then, so he was out of the question. Does the world require saving once more? thought Artemis. He answered. "Hello. This is Artemis Fowl. Who is calling?" a girl's voice that was definitely not Holly's sounded at the other end. There was worry and passion in her voice at once. "Artemis. It's me." Artemis wasn't really surprised, Minerva and hisself talked to each other a lot over the past years. He had still not been informed of the accident, though. "Oh. Hello Minerva." responded Artemis. Minerva blushed. This happened a lot when she talked to Artemis. "Artemis. There's been an accident. I'm fine, but my chateau is in shambles and my father has been fatally injured... they say he's got a day left to live if he's lucky. He's sleeping right now in the Heilend Hospital in Germany. And Artemis... There's something I need to ask you. Er, is your.. Uhm, I mean, Well, Does your manor have a guest room?" asked Minerva. "Indeed it does." replied Artemis. "Well, I need a place to stay, and Mr. Soto offered me shelter, but with all due respect to him, it's not that great... So I was wondering if I could perhaps... well, Stay with you. In your manor." Artemis's heartrate increased. "You certainly may, Minerva. I need to confirm this with Butler though..." said Artemis. "That's okay, Artemis. Call me back when you've got the answer!" exclaimed Minerva, and she hung up.

Artemis Fowl hurriedly walked down the grand staircase to the kitchen. "Butler. I need to talk to you about something important." said an out-of-breath Artemis. "Yes, Artemis?" asked Butler, who was wondering if the world needed saving again. "Butler. It's Minerva. A landslide happened unfortunately right on top of their chateau. Her father was fatally wounded in the accident. Plus the chateau is completely destroyed. Minerva... She asked if she could stay here. I told her I needed to ask you. So, Butler, what will it be? I would be okay with it." Artemis blushed again, that was the second time in minutes. Butler sighed. It would only make his job harder, having to guard two genii at once now. Butler smiled. There was something he hadn't thought of. Juliet. Juliet would be the perfect bodyguard for Minerva. Butler knew that Artemis thought Minerva was pretty, beautiful perhaps. So he felt he had to agree. "Yes, Artemis. It's alright. I think Juliet would make an excellent bodyguard for Minerva, too." Artemis was delighted. "I'll call her back right away. Oh, and Butler, after you're done preparing the food, could you please refurbish the guest room?" said Artemis. Butler would've replied but his charge was already up the stairs, flipping open his Cell Phone.

Minerva sat on the remains of a stone bench, taking in the scenery in an attempt to lighten her mood when her phone rang. Her mind raced. It had to be Artemis. She casually flipped open her phone, and said "Hello, Artemis." and smiled. "Minerva," came the reply "Butler is fine with it. Your new residence is Fowl Manor!" Artemis Beamed. The one person whom he wished to have some sort of a relationship with was moving into his own house. Yet Artemis was worried about what Minerva thought of him. Minerva was equally delighted, and thought that her heart was about to burst. "That's great, Artemis! Although, there is one problem. I can't get there. You would have to pick me up. I'm terribly sorry, Artemis!" "It's alright, Minerva. Your private airfield. Is it still intact?" asked Artemis. "Yes, it was the only part untouched by the rockslide." came the reply.  "Good. I'll be piloting the Fowl Jet to come and pick you up straightaway. It shouldn't take more than a couple hours, if I break a few airspeed limits." Artemis Smirked. "Thank you, Artemis. I'll be waiting for you!" This time Artemis hung up first.

An hour later, they were in the air, more than halfway to the Chateau. Artemis was piloting the Lear Jet, and that was remarkable on it's own, because Artemis was eighteen. Butler sat in the chair buckled in tight, drinking tea. He had insisted to come, and a determined Butler almost always gets his way. Butler couldn't help but think about the situation.  This will be interesting, that's for sure. Genius boy's love is moving in with him! Minerva likes him, too. I can tell by the way she talks about him. Oh dear, there could potentially even be more geniuses later on...

Minerva watched the blue afternoon sky in anticipation. Artemis was coming. She was going to be moving in with him. She smiled with genuine glee. In the sky, she saw a jet come in for landing in her airfield. It landed with ease, the door opened and out came Artemis Fowl the Second. Minerva walked slowly toward him, with a suitcase full of euros. That was all she had left, money. Remember, professional... thought Minerva. "Hello, Artemis!" said an eager Minerva. Artemis returned the greeting fondly. "Welcome aboard the Fowl Jet." Grinned Butler. Minerva had forgotten how big and muscular Butler was. "Butler," asked Artemis. "Do you think you could pilot the plane back to the Manor this time?" "Certainly, Artemis." replied Butler, and then he was gone, off to pilot the plane back to the Fowl residence. Artemis took a seat next to Minerva, and blushed. He looked at her, they locked eyes, and Artemis smiled. Minerva blushed for a few seconds, and then she was her normal self. This is going to be great. Thought Minerva.

They landed at about 6:45 in the evening. A tired Artemis emerged from the plane, following an energetic Minerva. "Lead on, Artemis." smiled Minerva. "With pleasure." responded Artemis. Minerva glanced at the manor for the first time. Amazing. This rivals the chateau! They entered through the main doors and Artemis led Minerva to a newly refurbished guest room, there was even a fresh layer of white paint on the walls. Two fairly large beds lined the walls, with a 40" LCD Television in the middle of the two beds on the opposite wall. There was a wardrobe for clothes, and a bedside table with an intricately carved antique lamp. There was also a large bookshelf lined with hundreds of books, waiting to be read. "It's perfect." said Minerva, with the faintest traces of a smile on her face. "That's excellent to hear. Minerva, take in mind that my house is your house, Quite literally. Feel free to explore! Oh, and if you're feeling hungry, feel free to ask Butler for something to eat. We have a large variety of food." Artemis grinned. "Okay. Will do. I do think I'm going to explore, Artemis. Don't mind me." Replied Minerva. "Very well, I'll be in my room contributing chapters to psychology books. It's a pastime of mine. I might read a book, too. Or perhaps go on the internet." said Artemis.

Nearly fifteen minutes later, Artemis was laying on his bed once again checking his bank funds on his laptop, when Minerva walked in the room. "Oh, I'm sorry Artemis. I didn't realize this was your room." said Minerva. "No, it's okay, really. It's not a big deal." replied Artemis hastily. Minerva walked over and laid on the bed next to Artemis. Her hand strayed to his. Minerva blushed, as did Artemis. She couldn't help but look at the screen. "You're one rich young man!" exclaimed Minerva. "Yes, well, I've had many a moneymaking venture that wasn't exactly... legal. It pays off, but I've forfeited my criminal ways." said Artemis. After a minute or two of sitting there, Artemis started the conversation again. "Minerva, you're not still mad about the demon thing, are you?" breathed Artemis. "Of course not, Artemis. How could I stay mad at you?" responded Minerva. It was late now. After a while of silence while they laid there, Minerva said "Artemis, I think I'm going to go back down to the guest room and try to get some rest." "Yes, I suppose I should, too." replied Artemis.

Minerva awoke to find that Artemis Fowl was sleeping in the other bed in the room. She blushed. He had come down to sleep next to her. Artemis was awake, but he pretended to sleep, making his breathing match the pattern of a sleeping person. He heard Minerva get up and exit the room. Artemis sat up in bed, thinking. I wonder what she thought... pondered Artemis. He slipped on casual clothes and his Armani loafers and ventured out to the dining room, where Butler had prepared a hearty breakfast for the two. Minerva was already seated and eating, and Artemis took the seat next to her. "Sleep well, Artemis?" whispered Minerva. "Yes... I did." Artemis whispered back. Minerva smiled, and Artemis blushed; something that was becoming more and more common lately. "How is the meal, you two?" asked Butler. "Excellent, Butler." responded Artemis. "Where did you learn to cook, Butler?" asked Minerva. "Back in the Academy, that is, Madam Ko's Academy, they teach us Cordon Bleu cooking as well as other need-to-know information." Butler replied.

Over the course of the next few months Artemis and Minerva had officially confessed their love for each other to one another. They always slept in the same room now. Which was still the Guest room.

Later on December 24th, Christmas Eve, after the yuletide singing and sitting 'round the fireplace ended, Minerva and Artemis were off to bed. Minerva had to use the bathroom, which gave Artemis the time he needed to set his plan into action. There was a vent that blew cool air that was directly underneath and to the side of Minerva's bed. Artemis set the thermostat to a few degrees below average, and on medium speed. Take in mind that it is Winter, also. They both crawled into their separate beds. Later that night, at about midnight, Minerva asked Artemis if he was awake. "Yes, Minerva." came the whispered reply. "Artemis, could I ask you something..?" questioned Minerva. "Sure. Go ahead." "Artemis.. I'm a little chilly.. er, do you suppose I could maybe, you know... sleep with you?" came the somewhat nervous reply. "Oh, sure Minerva. He drew the covers back, and Minerva crawled into bed with Artemis. They each thought their separate thoughts of love and smiled until sleep overtook them.

Minerva woke Artemis up. They were still lying in bed. "Artemis, do you know what day it is?" asked Minerva. Artemis thought. It's Christmas Day.  "Christmas Day." responded Artemis after a while. "Yes, It's Christmas Day, Artemis." smiled Minerva. "And I have a present for you." "You do?" came Artemis's reply. He was surprised. She would've had no time to buy something, unless Juliet or Butler had... Artemis was cut off as Minerva leaned over and kissed Artemis lightly on the cheek, then hugged him. "Artemis Fowl, I don't know what I'd do without you." said Minerva. "Nor I you." said Artemis, a genuine grin on his face. Their expressions were the same as they embraced,

The End...

There may be sequels!

I hope you all enjoyed it, I really do. I worked about 4 hours into this. Thank you for taking the time to read it!