Elves are one of the Eight Fairy Families. They are arch-enemies of gnomes, and are often put in the LEP. Elves are one of the most populous fairies, and have many subspecies.


As far as fairies go in terms of anotomical oddness, Elves are quite regular. They resemble short humans with long, pointed ears. Their facial structure, however, is very childlike. This, coulpled with their extreme longevity (some have lived 10,000+ years!) and magic, gives them the illusion of being eternally young.

Elves can have all of the iris colors as humans, but the whites of their eyes can vary in color too. At least one elf has green whites.

Elves also can be found with all of the hair colors in humans, but brown and red are the most common.

Elves are very proficient magic users- only demon warlocks can use more magical skills. Some elves may even develop Telekenesis, but all elves are capable of these types of magic:

  • Healing- all Elves can heal other fairies, humans, and animals with magic.
  • Shielding- Elves can cause their bodies to vibrate so fast that they are rendered mostly invisible.
  • Mesmer- With eye contact, Elves can control the will of others for a brief time period.
  • Tounges- Elves can use magic to fluently speak any language.


Notable Elves Edit