“Somehow, even with a power enhancer, they won. I’m gonna crush them. BRIAR!” They then left. Briar Cudgeon quietly lifted a Cheeto. Opal noticed him. “Give! Give it!” She kneed him in the gut, and he dropped it into her hand. “Thank you.” She then saw the RCDO on the horizon, and her eyes narrowed. “it’s that Leo-whatchamacallit again.” “Leonopteryx.” “That.” “She’s just mad because we beat her.” Holly said happily. Holly lived for battle. “Oh, totally.” Artemis said.  “Mountain Banshee!” The two giant reptiles began to fight in the air. Root knew the Banshee couldn’t hold out against the Leonopteryx for long. Then, he had an idea. “Lightbulb.” He said. “Alright, what is it? Spill.” Holly said. “Get above it and use Great Gale! You know where to aim!” The Mountain Banshee flew above the Leonopteryx and used Great Gale. It hit the spot where Opal had a power enhancer the previous day. The Leonopteryx roared and crashed, defeated. Opal looked like she was ready to throw something. “Little sons of raptors.” She pigeon-swore angrily. Cudgeon quickly got out of range. They then grudgingly left. “I didn’t even get to battle.” Holly grumbled. 5 minutes later, she and Artemis were on the field against Root. “You know, I don’t actually need help.” Holly said confidently. “Exactly why I’m giving some. Heavy Charge.”  Artemis shot back. The Mountain Banshee dodges it. “King of the Pandoran Jungle!” It dodged again. “Great Gale!” They barely dodged it. “There’s only one way to win this, Holly.” Artemis said. “Ooh. Heheheh.” Holly chuckled evilly. “Why is she so happy?” Root said apprehensively. “Team Attack! Heavy Charge…” “+ King of the Pandoran Jungle!” “Oh bleep.” Root said. The Mountain Banshee is knocked into the wall, and is defeated. “Now I know.”